Raising The Bar in Olympic Weightlifting:
Big Blue Strength Weightlifting is dedicated to supporting and spreading the sport of weightlifting in the Lexington-Fayette County area by providing our athletes the instruction and atmosphere needed to reach their goals.

Weightlifting is the only barbell sport of the Olympic Games. However, individuals of all ages compete in USA Weightlifting sanctioned events at the local, regional and national level. Big Blue offers coaching instruction to athletes wanting to compete in weightlifting, and to those who just want to learn the Olympic lifts to add variety to their fitness routine.

All of our athletes are working their own programs.  Some athletes train in a one-on-one coaching environment, while others prefer to come to team practice time.  We will find what’s best and appropriate for you based on your level of experience and goals.

Masters Lifter, ranked 10th. Just competed at Masters Nationals, winning 3rd in the 48kg class session. Currently holds the KY state record for Women’s 48kg class in Snatch (52kg), Clean + Jerk (71kg), and total (123kg) Best Snatch: 56kg Best Clean + Jerk: 71kg

Melissa Jutras- Masters- 49kg class

Currently training for the KY state Championships! Best Snatch: 68kg Best Clean + Jerk: 84kg

Audrey Bachman-Senior- 87kg class

Currently training for KY State Championships! Competed at University Nationals 2016, 2018 Currently holds the KY state record for Snatch (61kg) Clean + Jerk (76kg) and total (137kg) Best Snatch: 61kg Best Clean + Jerk: 84kg

Hannah Goebel-Junior- 59kg class

Currently training for KY State Championships! Best Snatch: 65kg Best Clean + Jerk: 80kg

Clinton Bollinger- Master- 109+kg class

Currently training for KY State Championships! Jim currently holds the state records in the 69kg Masters class across the board: Snatch (86kg), Clean + Jerk (103kg), total (189kg) Jim also holds the Clean + Jerk record in the 77kg class at 116kg Best Snatch: 93kg Best Clean + Jerk: 120kg

Jim Benson-Master- 73kg class

Competed at Youth Nationals 2018 winning his session, 3rd Snatch, 7th Clean + Jerk, 5th Overall! Best Snatch: 20kg Best Clean + Jerk: 25kg

Westley Benson: 32kg Youth 11U

Best Snatch 15kg Best Clean + Jerk: 20kg

John Carter Benson: 32kg Youth 11U

Currently training for Kegs & Kilos! Then American Open Finals! CJ is won 3rd overall/ across the board in the 62kg Youth 16-17 at Youth Nationals 2018!! CJ currently holds the state records in the 56kg and 62kg Youth Categories across the board! 56kg records: Snatch (58kg), Clean + Jerk (72kg), total (130kg) 62kg records:Snatch (65kg), Clean + Jerk (93kg), total (158kg) Best Snatch: 106kg Best Clean +Jerk: 130kg

CJ Bingman: 67kg Youth

Currently training for KY State Championships! Best Snatch: 100kg Best Clean + Jerk: 133kg

Mike Kamphake: 102kg class, Masters Lifter 40-44yo

Currently Training for American Open Finals! Best Snatch: 80kg Best Clean + Jerk 96kg

Ryan Metzger: 55kg lifter

Currently Training for Kegs & Kilos 2018 Best Snatch: 95kg Best Clean + Jerk: 117kg

Steven Wood: 73kg Lifter

Best Snatch: 100kg Best Clean + Jerk: 125kg

David Cline: 109kg lifter

Best Snatch: 42kg Best Clean + Jerk: 60kg

Erin Keltner: 71kg Masters Lifter

Best Snatch: 70kg Best Clean + Jerk: 93kg

Emily Morris: 76kg Class

Earley Johnson: Training for life! Squat: 135lbs Bench: 125 lbs Deadlift: 220lbs Drew Ritzel Next Competition: hmmmm….. Squat: 365 lbs Bench: 210 lbs Deadlift: 500 lbs

Powerlifting Team

Raising The Bar in CrossFit:
Forging elite fitness across the Big Blue Nation!


The workouts at Big Blue CrossFit utilize the Olympic weightlifting movements, while also focusing on improving each of the ten physical fitness domains: cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, coordination, balance, and accuracy. All the workouts for Big Blue CrossFit are posted here on online at http://www.bigbluestrength.com/. These workouts are designed for universal scalability based on an individual’s experience level and fitness background.

Interested? Join our weightlifting team today!