Big Blue Strength Training

At Big Blue Strength we offer a variety of semi private training options as part of our membership program. After getting started through our "Ready to Lift" orientation, clients are able to attend most semi private training times of their choosing. Check out our Getting Started page to see how we work with each individual to get them comfortable with strength training principles before moving to a semi private environment.

Interested in our Semi Private Training Program?

No Session is ever more than 6 people


Semi- Private training is a great way to get a coach to help you with your exercise form and technique without paying the price for a one on one private training session.

Semi Private training at Big Blue Strength offers a simple but effective strength and conditioning program keeping each clients needs in mind. 

With no more than 6 clients in each session, we have time to modify and progress each client to help them reach their true strength potential and meet their goals. 

Senior Strength

At Big Blue Strength we know the value of strength training and keeping a healthy lifestyle, especially in aging adults.  Resistance training and physical activity improve daily functioning, reduce pain, and lower the risks for chronic illness and disease such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, obesity and other debilitating issues that become all too common in sedentary, older adults. 

The Senior Strength course offers a consistent routine, a sense of community, and specifically designed programming that clients will be instructed on and guided through by one of our coaches.

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