Remote Coaching and Personalized Programming – $100 for 4 weeks  – Member Add-on only $60

Looking to get ready for a race or competition? Want to finally get that strict pull-up? Stalled out on a lift for several weeks? This option is great for someone who wants to address some weaknesses, put in some extra work to achieve a specific goal, or work on improving a skill or movement. This option is available for both members and non-members.


  • 20 minute consultation and assessment
  • One week of testing plus 4 weeks of programming
  • Accessory work for 2-3 days per week
  • 1 drop-in session per week for non-members

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Complete Program Design – $200 per month (Requires 3 month commitment)

Have a specific goal or a hectic schedule? Want a program specifically designed for you? This option is great for the experienced athlete who has a busy schedule that doesn’t allow them to be consistent with our classes, or knows what they want to achieve and is ready to put in the work to get there. A program designed for YOU, with YOUR goals, YOUR weaknesses, YOUR strengths, and YOUR schedule in mind.


  • Program Design for 4-6 days per week
  • One week of testing plus 12 weeks of programming
  • Includes a 1 hour consultation and assessment
  • Includes access to the BBS facility during open gym and slower class times.

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