At Big Blue Strength we offer a variety of programs and activities to suit your needs.

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Our Programs

Personal Training

Personalized sessions to hold you accountable. We cater our programming to meet your needs and goals. Sessions scheduled at any time to meet your needs.

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Semi Private Strength

General Strength program featuring olympic and power lifting movements as well as general strength & conditioning skills. Each client receives personal attention, progressions and modifications as needed in semi private session not exceeding 6 students.

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This personal introduction offers a seamless entry into strength & conditioning. A stress-free way to get you started or to get you back into strength training. It requires zero experience, but if you do have some, we promise you’ll learn to rebuild a better foundation.

Youth Strength & Conditioning

Get them started young! Have your youth or teenage athlete learn the fundamentals of lifting from a qualified strength & conditioning coach. They will work technique, skills, and progress to their level to get stronger for their sport. We offer courses, personal training, and summer camps!

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Each session is geared to the individuals. Each semi private session is tailored to a little bit of each clients' needs. Together we will hit all the planes of motion and achieve a full body workout.

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Nutrition Coaching

To get optimal results, solid nutrition is the key. Your nutrition should match your goals. Meet with our coaches to get on a nutrition plan that helps you reach your goals, whether they be to maintain your weight, lose weight, or gain muscle.

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Olympic Weightlifting

Big Blue Weightlifting Club is an official USA Weightlifting Club. Our team members train and compete locally and Nationally. Each athlete trains with their own program based on their competition schedule and experience. We also offer Technique Sessions for those looking to fine tune their Snatch and Clean & Jerk!

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Specialty Programs

At Big Blue Strength we know the value of strength training and keeping a healthy lifestyle, especially in aging adults. Resistance training and physical activity improve daily functioning, reduce pain, and lower the risks for chronic illness and disease such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, obesity and other debilitating issues that become all too common in sedentary, older adults. The Senior Strength course offers a consistent routine, a sense of community, and specifically designed programming that clients will be instructed on and guided through by one of our coaches.

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Remote Coaching

Live outside the Lexington Area but still want the accountability and expertise of a coach to get you to your goals? We can help! Our coaches can design a program for you based on your needs and goals. Whether you want to climb the highest mountain in the midwest, train to be a better athlete, or lose weight, we have you covered!

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I couldn't imagine myself going anywhere else! I never would’ve thought strength training would be for me, but I really enjoy it and I’m only improving. The coaches are great and very helpful, they make sure you have correct form and technique. The gym itself has a great atmosphere and I love my B.B.S gym!


My experience at Big Blue Strength has been nothing short of amazing. The staff care about good form and technique and are always kind and supportive. The environment supports people of all ages and efforts and this is important to me in a gym. The equipment is nice and it’s a hard working but fun atmosphere. I love my Big Blue family!


Easily the best part of my day. I keep coming back for the workouts and the people. Every workout is different. Five years later and I’m still making gainz.


Couldn't be happier. And my commitment runs deep-I never even think about other gyms. I'd be like I'm cheating. Stellar staff, great atmosphere and plenty of non-gym related entertainment. Get your gainz here!


I am so glad I found Big Blue Strength! I never would have thought that group strength training or Pilates would have been for me, but through various connections and good luck I stumbled upon this place and put my anxieties aside and started coming. It's been one of the best things I've ever done for myself. Before coming to Big Blue Strength, I went to the Y for years and worked out plenty , but no matter how faithful I was to cardio machines or even the weight machines, I never seemed to get any better. What has been noticeable from the beginning with the carefully planned workouts here is the progress-- by multiple metrics. I'm so much stronger now that I was when I started a year+ ago, my body composition is significantly better, I'm a couple sizes smaller, and I can do things and exercises that I didn't think I'd ever be able to do. It's so much easier to keep at something when you can see the benefits so clearly. I want to echo the other reviews in saying how welcoming and warm this place is. It's so much more fun to work out when everyone encourages each other . There is a diversity of people and abilities here and the coaches really can work with anybody from seasoned athlete to coach potato. I'm a larger person and the coaches take me seriously and treat me like everyone else. They can tell when I'm doing an exercise wrong and how to fix or adapt it despite my size. I mention that because I've been in other exercise situations (especially yoga classes) where that hasn't been the case so it's really a big deal. I wholeheartedly recommend Big Blue Strength. I work out there nearly everyday, not because I feel that I should, but because I enjoy it so much.


Greatest gym in Lexington for safely learning how to get strong, fit, and healthy. Melissa and her staff pay attention to your personal goals, any past injuries, and patiently listen to all of your complaints about not wanting to do burpees or snatches. (But, you still have to do them) - Highly recommended.


Great place and better people!


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