Big Blue Nutrition

Nutrition is just as big a part of health as Fitness and Movement. We guide and help find the best plan of action for you and what’s going to help you reach your goals. One diet is not perfect for everyone, so we are here to help you find the best combination that suits your needs and helps you reach your goals. Some clients may only require a few tweaks to their diet to make all the difference. Others may need an overhaul and we might recommend our Nutrition coaching sessions with Cole. In these session, he will guide you through whatever challenges you may be facing…. fat loss, mass building, shopping, planning, cooking… anything!

Nutrition Coaching

Consultation, Assessment, and Plan – $99 – Member add on- $50
This is a one hour session which will assess you current nutritional and lifestyle habits, as well as discuss your goals and limitations. This session is designed to get to know where you are, where you want to be, and what is holding you back. The assessment will include basic body measurements as well as several lifestyle questionnaires. After the assessment, you will be given nutritional and lifestyle behavior goals to get you moving in the right direction.  This is followed up by one more follow up session as well as 4 weeks of  e-mail check-ins.  The follow up sessions can be done via phone or Skype.


Follow-Up Consultations – $35 – Member add on- $25
This is a 30 minute follow-up to the initial consultation and assessment appointments.  Each follow-up will review your progress and discuss any changes that need to be made. Each session will also include some nutrition education. These follow-ups are important as it is where we find out what is working and what is not. Everybody’s nutritional needs are different, and discovering what works best for YOU is a process. Each follow-up will also include 2 complimentary weekly e-mail check-ins.

Big Blue has also partnered with Kate Horning from A Healthy Passion to offer cooking classes and at home meal service in the Lexington Area! We also recommend grabbing a copy of her book:  Healthy Living Redefined

A Healthy Passion Menu Planning and Personal Shopper program is designed to simplify healthy living and cooking. If you’re looking for new ideas for healthy meals, want to have a little fun in the kitchen or learn to cook this program is for you.

A Healthy Passion