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I am so glad I found Big Blue Strength! I never would have thought that group strength training or Pilates would have been for me, but through various connections and good luck I stumbled upon this place and put my anxieties aside and started coming. It's been one of the best things I've ever done for myself. Before coming to Big Blue Strength, I went to the Y for years and worked out plenty , but no matter how faithful I was to cardio machines or even the weight machines, I never seemed to get any better. What has been noticeable from the beginning with the carefully planned workouts here is the progress-- by multiple metrics. I'm so much stronger now that I was when I started a year+ ago, my body composition is significantly better, I'm a couple sizes smaller, and I can do things and exercises that I didn't think I'd ever be able to do. It's so much easier to keep at something when you can see the benefits so clearly. I want to echo the other reviews in saying how welcoming and warm this place is. It's so much more fun to work out when everyone encourages each other . There is a diversity of people and abilities here and the coaches really can work with anybody from seasoned athlete to coach potato. I'm a larger person and the coaches take me seriously and treat me like everyone else. They can tell when I'm doing an exercise wrong and how to fix or adapt it despite my size. I mention that because I've been in other exercise situations (especially yoga classes) where that hasn't been the case so it's really a big deal. I wholeheartedly recommend Big Blue Strength. I work out there nearly everyday, not because I feel that I should, but because I enjoy it so much.


Where do I begin… most importantly what I like best is the team that I work out with. Everyone has respect for the other; each has their own goals. Also your professionalism (seriously- not trying to brownie you up) I have shared with more than one person how much I respect your attention to detail to each person, you quickly assess their abilities and coordinate the exercises to what they can handle. No frills attached! You promoted what we would get out of it, you are consistent in your execution, you’re organization and follow through were helpful in getting me in a routine when I could not be with you. Finally what I really liked is learning if I put my mind to it I really CAN do it! Many many Thanks! Keep up the awesome job!


I love this fitness camp. It has made such a difference in my energy level, strength and mobility. I look forward to every class. I have noticed improvement in so many areas…balance, stability, endurance, flexibility…to name a few!!!… Melissa is a GREAT instructor. She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and fun and she makes the class fun. I have learned so much from her. I am so much more aware of my body. I can feel myself improving day by day and I have her to thank for that! I would highly recommend this class!

Linda B.

For the first time in my 40+ years, I’ve actually been motivated to continue with an exercise program. Melissa is more than a personal trainer – she’s an educator. Her philosophy of fitness and instructional methods are motivating and inspirational. I’ve learned proper form, modifications and what it takes to have a healthy and strong mind and body. The fact that I’ve lost some weight is a secondary benefit!

Jennifer L.

After weight loss surgery, I needed to find a gym to build strength, but I also needed a coach that could teach me how to work with bad knees so I could get stronger, but not get injured. Big Blue Strength has been the answer! I worked one-on-one with Melissa Jutras and because of her I can do more physical activity in 3 months than I have ever been able to even before bad knees! I have never been athletic, I have never liked exercise, but I LOVE Big Blue Strength. I do things in Cross Fit class that I would never do on my own and it makes me feel so strong, powerful and confident. Melissa, Cole and Marcus address everyone's specific needs in group fitness classes and never make you feel different than any other person in class no matter what their fitness level. I have learned so much about the connection between nutrition and exercise from Melissa. When you make the choice to do weight loss surgery, it's usually that last ditch effort to get control over your health, but Big Blue Strength is helping me making long lasting changes physically and mentally! It's a great gym and a great group of people that make some pretty grueling exercises lots of fun! October 2019 - following up a year and half after my original review and I still give this gym the same five stars. Prior to coming to Big Blue Strength I was never a gym person, but the atmosphere of this gym has been the ticket for me to stay committed to exercise. If you are looking for a gym that will invite you in and work with you at your level, this is the place for you! Because of this gym, I have fitness goals now and I lift weights in competition (things I never thought I could do or achieve). Most gyms take your money and could care less about you, but Big Blue Strength is a totally different place - they care about their clients. Most all the people I met 18 months ago are still loyal gym mates to this day - except we are all more fit!


This place has been great for me. I am 66 and was losing strength and mobility. Melissa has completely turned me around. I'm not back to where I was when I was 30 but I am so much better than I was that my husband even comments on it!


Amazing coaches that challenge and encourage your success - wherever you are in your fitness journey. The CrossFit classes are intense but fun and always a confidence boost. There is also a wide range of ages and fitness levels represented in the classes, which helps to diminish any intimidation coming in as a newbie to weightlifting.


What makes us different?

Care & Compassion

At Big Blue… You are not just a face in the crowd. We keep our groups smaller so we can pay attention to everyone. Even though a group class follows a general program, some may be doing something more personalized for their needs. We care about each person whether you are a private client or a member.


We are not just coaches with a weekend certification. We have been studying movement for a long time. We were coaches from young ages, went to school for exercise science, and walk the talk. We continue to learn and grow… always looking for better ways to help each and every client that walks through the door. From our strength & conditioning backgrounds to Pilates & yoga… we have lots of tools in our tool box.


We have been coaching for 20+ years. From helping our younger soccer teams to coaching cheerleading, track, baseball and all other sports teams and working in collegiate weight rooms, we have coached, seen, and assisted in a variety of strength & conditioning settings. We also attend conferences, workshops, & webinars regularly.

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