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After weight loss surgery, I needed to find a gym to build strength, but I also needed a coach that could teach me how to work with bad knees so I could get stronger, but not get injured. Big Blue Strength has been the answer! I worked one-on-one with Melissa Jutras and because of her I can do more physical activity in 3 months than I have ever been able to even before bad knees! I have never been athletic, I have never liked exercise, but I LOVE Big Blue Strength. I do things in Cross Fit class that I would never do on my own and it makes me feel so strong, powerful and confident. Melissa, Cole and Marcus address everyone's specific needs in group fitness classes and never make you feel different than any other person in class no matter what their fitness level. I have learned so much about the connection between nutrition and exercise from Melissa. When you make the choice to do weight loss surgery, it's usually that last ditch effort to get control over your health, but Big Blue Strength is helping me making long lasting changes physically and mentally! It's a great gym and a great group of people that make some pretty grueling exercises lots of fun!

Tracy P.

I’ve really been enjoying my private Pilates lessons. Melissa is a great teacher and I love the family atmosphere there. I’d highly recommend it.

Annette G.

Amazing coaches that challenge and encourage your success - wherever you are in your fitness journey. The CrossFit classes are intense but fun and always a confidence boost. There is also a wide range of ages and fitness levels represented in the classes, which helps to diminish any intimidation coming in as a newbie to weightlifting.

Kat C.

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