Getting Started

What’s so great about being a member at Big Blue Strength? We start you the RIGHT WAY! We understand the importance of proper movements and technique is all areas of strength training. We are here to help you every step of the way. We start each client based on their current fitness level, needs, and goals.

Total beginner?  or never had structured coaching?  

No worries.... 

We got you covered!  Our fundamentals in strength will get you started... the right way!  

Big Blue Strength Fundamentals is for anyone new to strength training and anyone looking for a fresh perspective. We teach the fundamentals and principles of movement as it applies to the all your daily activites!

This personal introduction offers a seamless entry into strength & conditioning.   For newcomers, those who have stepped away for a while, and those who have never had a formal foundation, this is a stress-free way to either get you started or to get you back into strength training. It requires zero experience, but if you do have some, we promise you’ll learn to rebuild a better foundation. 

Not a total beginner but not sure how you would rate your current level?

Let's talk & figure out what's best to get you started on a path to a stronger life!


For those who have little to no exercise or strength training experience. For those looking to get into a routine and learn the basics of strength and creating a physique you desire. 



You have done some strength training on your own but wouldn't be considered seasoned or have ever had a coach teach you the proper technique of lifting. 



You have been lifting on your own but looking to get some coaching, accountability, and bring yourself to the next level with proper technique and a plan. 

Personalized programming

Nutrition Consulting & Meal Plans

Mobility assessments & programs

Weightlifting Meets & Coaching


Camps & Courses in Strength

Pilates Training & coaching



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What you will get during this free consultation...

  • Goal setting 
  • Nutrition guidance 
  • Mindset 
  • Intro to what Big Blue Strength is all about! 


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