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Improve footwork and agility

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"Strength training in children, in combination with plyometric and/or agility training, has become an increasingly popular tactic for athletes to gain a competitive edge during the off-season. Children can improve strength by 30% to 50% after just 8 to 12 weeks of a well-designed strength training program."

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Join our team of 50+ athletes participating in baseball, swim, track, football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, archery, and everyday life!
There are key qualities to improve from the strength and conditioning perspective of sports performance that we prioritize training on with each of our athletes.  No matter their sport, watch them run faster, jump higher, and grow stronger more resilient bodies. 

Drew's STORY

Drew is a middle school swim and track athlete.  This year he qualified for high school regionals and swam in the 50 and 100 free and got top 16 amongst other junior and senior swimmers.  Drew finished his season by getting 8th in the state for 50 free in the 13-14 age group as a 13 year old!
Drew works hard in the gym.  He has completed the Summer Strength and Conditioning program 2 years in a row here at Big Blue Strength.  Along with supplemental in-season training whenever he could fit it into his academic and sports schedules.

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Jackson and zach's STORY

Jackson and Zach are brothers that started in the Summer Strength and Conditioning Camp looking for a new hobby to keep them physically active.  They enjoy outdoor activities like motor biking and recreational sports but did not have sport specific training goals.  The brothers started from scratch in the gym less than 2 years ago at ages 11 and 13.  Since then, they have continued to train thoughout the school years.  Now they have developed strong work ethics along with the skills to keep them physically active and allow them to train hard for life!

What can kids get out of strength training?


Done right, strength training can:

  • Increase children's muscle strength.
  • Help protect children's muscles and joints from sports injuries.
  • Help children do better in nearly any sport.
  • Teach children proper form.

Keep in mind that strength training isn't only for athletes. Even for children who don't want to play sports, strength training can:

  • Strengthen bones.
  • Help promote healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Help maintain a healthy weight.
  • Help kids feel good about themselves.
  • Increase physical activity overall.

    Read the Article from Mayo Clinic HERE

Are your kids ready for the next goal, next pr, more wins? 

We're ready for you to be our next success story!



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