Rebuild Fintess Program

This program is designed for people who are returning from surgery or injury, looking to get back into fitness after a long period of time, or have nagging aches and pains they cannot get rid of.

Coming back can be hard... that's why we are here! 

Let our Big Blue Strength Coaches help you with your return to sport, work, and life! 

We will discuss what you've tried, your goals, your life stresses and get a game plan together! 

Only 2 days a week is all you need! 

Leave the planning and programming to us!  


If you are a sedentary office worker with anxiety and old age working against you, Big Blue Strength will help you feel better, sleep better, learn how to eat better, and help you get stronger. Melissa and her coaches are the best in Lexington.


Big Blue Strength is, simply put, amazing. Melissa (owner) is an amazing coach with a wealth of knowledge and experience as a competitive athlete that shapes how she coaches and runs her gym. She treats each client as an athlete with great potential. She cultivates an environment that fosters success and celebration of each individual athlete’s progression. Melissa and her coaching staff care about clients, will work with you to modify exercises to suit your ability, and will always offer thoughtful and expert feedback that will help you meet your goals. I appreciate Melissa’s commitment to quality and improvement over “just lifting heavy” and know I’m a healthier, stronger, and more focused athlete because of my time here. (Bonus gym dogs also make this place amazing)

Diane L.

"Greatest gym in Lexington for safely learning how to get strong, fit, and healthy. Melissa and her staff pay attention to your personal goals, any past injuries, and patiently listen to all of your complaints. - Highly recommended."

The time is now. Take some action.

Don't let those aches and pains get the best of you!  

We got your back! 


The time is now. Take some action.