1. Please be on time– we understand traffic can stink many times but if you are going to be more that 10 minutes late please make arrangements with a coach or sign up for the following class.

2. No Chewing gum! This is for your safety… we would prefer not to have to give the Heimlich Maneuver in the middle of a workout… Plus this messes with your breathing, which is a big part of exercising!

3. Always wear socks (for pilates) or shoes (any other workout)… No bare feet… for sanitary reason. We sell some if  you forget!

4. Please keep your clothes on during workouts.  We know it’s tempting to rip your clothes off during a hot workout, but save it for the beach, please.

5. We strive for a team environment so we all warm up together. If your class starts at 5:30pm, feel free to come early to foam roll & stretch but we all warm up together.

6. Be mindful that you are not in the direct sight of a lifter during training or walking in front of them as they make an attempt.

7. Do not drop 5kg, 10kg, 10# or 15# plates.  They are fragile and expensive.

8. Add to the Atmosphere!  We are a place of encouragement, respect, and family! 

9. Unload plates evenly and always use collars! 

10. If you don't know something, please don't hesitate to ask!  We are here for you but we can’t read minds… please communicate with us on any issue you may come across.  We are always open to suggestions! We are excited to continue to grow and expand… any thoughts -good or bad- are welcome.


11. Feel free to give the dogs a treat… but make them do a trick!  They need to maintain their manners and skills just like us!

12. Please wipe down, clean up, and/or put away any equipment you are done using.

13. Use cubbies & lockers for your belongings.  We have them for a reason!

14.  HAVE FUN!   We want everyone to have a good time! No “Debbie-downers” here!

Ready to Get Started?


We are very understanding people.  We understand that things happen and sometimes they happen at the worst times.  We understand traffic sucks and our work sometimes sucks us in.  We understand and encourage that family comes first.  We take in each client and member into our Big Blue family.  We want everyone to feel like part of this family.  So please respect us and the other members when it comes to signing in and canceling in the appropriate days and time.  

Please be aware that our space, as with any space, will only accommodate a limited number of people. Failure to cancel in the appropriate windows results in a loss of a session or a $20 fee.  It also means that if the class is full you risk bumping someone out.  Reserve your spot but please respect others too!

For those who have purchased a class pass, please note the expirations dates on class passes.   The 10-class pass and drop-ins must cancel class sign-ups at least 24 hours in advance to avoid losing a session. Private clients must cancel 24 hours in advance.

Members who fail to sign up but show up… we hope there is room for you. We will be sticking to the roster of people who do sign up.  So if the session is full we will do our best to accomodate you. If there is room, jump on in!

If you know in advance that you will not be able to make it to a scheduled class, but are already within the 12 hour late cancel period, it is best to text Big Blue Strength cell phone at 859-537-8032 before the class occurs.

While we have allowed exceptions to our policy for sickness or other unforeseen circumstances, we will not allow excessive or continuous excused absences. We make these exceptions on a limited basis as a way to avoid penalizing our members with a legitimate reason as to why they cannot attend a scheduled class. However, we won’t allow the abuse of this exception as it would be unfair to our other members.


Big Blue Strength does not offer refunds on training sessions, membership plans, or session passes. If you need to cancel an AutoPay Contract early, you will be required to pay the contract cancellation fee, which is the equivalent of one month membership at whichever membership rate you have purchased.    If you are unable to use the remainder of your membership or pass, you may transfer to a new member or client,  however, they are still required to pay the sign up fee and go through new member orientation.   You may put your membership on hold for up to 3 months with a $25 fee. Please email Melissa: bigbluestrength@gmail.com with any and all membership questions.

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