Weightlifting 101: What You Need to Know About Starting Your Training Regimen

Feb 17, 2017


Weightlifting is an excellent way to build up your strength and develop your patience and self-discipline. As with other physical activities, you need to exercise caution when you first start lifting weights. According to Big Blue Strength, the top place for CrossFit® in Lexington, KY, most people can learn to lift as long as they train correctly to minimize the risk of injuries.

Here are some tips you can use to avoid hurting yourself while lifting weights:

  • Find a Good Coach: The easiest way to avoid injury is to work with an experienced coach. Choose a trainer who can identify your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what your limitations are as a beginner is the key to training safely.

  • Learn Proper Technique: Weightlifting isn’t just about lifting heavy objects. There are right and wrong ways of doing it. Learning the proper techniques as you go along will help you become a stronger, safer athlete.

  • Follow a Program Designed for You: Your coach should design a program specifically for you, based on your current capabilities, schedule, and goals. No two athletes are exactly alike, which means a program designed for someone else might not work for you.

  • Have a Solid Foundation: Contrary to what some might think, weightlifting is not all about brute strength and dead lifts. You have to work your way up to your target weight, which requires core strength, resistance, and endurance. You can develop a strong foundation by joining a supplemental workout program such as CrossFit.