Fitness Pros Explain the Difference Between Competitive & General CrossFit®

Apr 20, 2017


CrossFit® has been popular since it first entered the mainstream over a decade ago, but some people still get intimidated by it. Watching the athletes competing in televised events often deters frequent gym-goers from exploring the sport. The fitness pros of Big Blue Strength in Lexington, KY, want you to know that these competitions don’t show the full range of CrossFit and shouldn’t be taken as a representative example of the sport. Below, they explain the differences between competitive and general fitness CrossFit programs.

Competitive CrossFit

What you see on TV during competitive CrossFit events is the highest level of the sport. The people who take part are top athletes who have spent months, if not years, training for these physical challenges. The fast-paced style of CrossFit they engage in is not necessarily appropriate for the general public. 

General Fitness CrossFit

If you’re not an elite athlete, a general fitness CrossFit may be just what you need to get into shape. These toned-down routines will build your skills in areas like strength training, weight loss, and balance. The experienced trainers at Big Blue Strength can even individualize the intensity of their CrossFit routines, adapting them to your fitness level to ensure you progress safely. All of the pros at this gym have degrees in exercise science and are certified strength coaches.

Big Blue Strength requires individual orientation sessions. By engaging with a trainer one-on-one, you can get an accurate assessment of your starting fitness level. As you improve your skills, you can choose to join a group course for a fun way to stay motivated.

To learn more about the different CrossFit options offered by Big Blue Strength, including both group and personalized programs, visit their website. Call them at (859) 537-8032 to get answers to your enrollment questions.