5 Reasons People Love Olympic Weightlifting

Nov 3, 2017


Olympic weightlifting is a familiar sight during the summer games, and it is gaining popularity as a workout. This sport consists of two primary lifts: the snatch and the clean and jerk. Practicing these two moves and increasing their lifting capacity helps athletes achieve a complete workout. Below, Big Blue Strength of Lexington, KY, shares why this sport is getting so much attention.

Why People Love Olympic Weightlifting

1. Provides a Full-Body Workout

With Olympic weightlifting, there is no arm day or leg day. Every training session exercises your core as well as your arms, back, shoulders, and legs. With regular strength training, you’ll come away with leaner, more sculpted muscles.

2. Offers Physical & Mental Challenges

Memorizing a workout routine makes it easy to check out mentally, but Olympic weightlifting keeps your brain stimulated. You need to concentrate on your form and technique as you plan and execute each step. This exercise keeps athletes fully engaged, both in body and mind.

3. Improves Overall Health

Weightlifting isn’t just about building muscle. It’s also about improving your overall health. It is proven to increase bone density, reducing the risk of osteoporosis in women and preventing injury. Being active in a demanding sport encourages you to take care of your body in other ways, like a developing healthy diet and lifestyle. Athletes enjoy increased energy, better sleep, and improved flexibility.

4. Provides a Safe Workout

While weightlifting may look daunting, it has one of the lowest injury ratesof many sports. However, practicing safe weightlifting requires professional coaching to ensure new athletes learn the proper technique and minimize their injury risk.

5. Improves Self-Esteem

Lifting heavy weights is an impressive physical feat. As you advance in the sport and learn to handle more weight, you will develop a sense of pride in what your body is capable of with training and practice.

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