3 Ways to Make Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions Successful

Jan 4, 2018


Many people start the new year resolving to make lifestyle changes, and these goals often focus on fitness and weight loss. If you’re ready to get healthy and lead a more active life, there are a few steps that will improve your chances of fulfilling these wellness goals. These tips will will make it easier to define short- and long-term benchmarks and hold yourself accountable, so you see results and enjoy the process.

How to Keep Fitness Resolutions on Track

1. Take Your Time

Getting fit isn’t a race. People’s bodies change gradually, and making meaningful changes that improve your physique will also take time. While it can be easy to get impatient, remember that the slower you work, the more likely you are to see lasting results. Dedicating time and attention to changing your diet, lifestyle, and exercise routine increases the chances of sticking with these alterations because you are actively involved in the process.

2. Write It Down

Identifying and writing down your fitness goals creates a tangible record of your progress. People often find that breaking their broader fitness desires into smaller, more manageable tasks helps them achieve positive outcomes and feel motivated. Whether you measure success in pounds or inches lost or muscle mass gained, writing down these numbers allows you to visualize these changes. Use the journal to track dietary habits to monitor your intake of water, protein, and healthy fats, and even remind yourself which foods to avoid.

3. Treat Yourself Right

While fitness and nutrition go hand in hand, it’s important to continue living a balanced life. Feeling deprived of the foods you enjoy can make it harder to stay active and fit. Look for healthy alternatives to snacks you love—indulge in a square of flavorful dark chocolate for a sweet treat that is low in fat and sugar and high in antioxidants, and switch to low-fat or fat-free milk in your favorite coffee drinks.