5 Everyday Benefits of Weightlifting

Dec 5, 2017


Weightlifting is an ideal exercise option for anyone who wants to improve their strength and muscle tone. Many beginners are surprised to learn that it also offers a wide range of benefits outside the gym. Even if you aren’t interested in competitive bodybuilding and athletics, you can still enjoy the perks of this unique sport.

Why Choose Weightlifting

1. Improves Heart Health

Research shows that weightlifting is an effective way to decrease your blood pressure and make your heart healthier. After a single session, study participants found their blood pressure decreased by 20%, and those who train regularly experience lower pressure for up to 24 hours.

2. Increases Bone Density

While strength training is commonly associated with building muscles, they’re not the only body part that benefits. Weightlifting also reinforces your bones by stimulating the body to provide more mineral nutrients. Increased bone density lowers the risk of breakage or bone injuries, which is especially beneficial for women and seniors.

3. Improves Connective Tissue Strength

Similarly, your ligaments and tendons are also strengthened during this type of exercise, making them harder to injure. You’ll experience fewer sprains, strains, and similar injuries after consistent weightlifting. If you are injured, the ligaments and tendons are more resilient and will heal quickly.

4. Increases Energy & Stamina

The stronger your muscles become, the easier everyday tasks are on your body. With consistent fitness training, you’ll be able to work and play longer and harder without getting as tired.

5. Boosts Confidence

Like any form of exercise, weightlifting improves your body composition, posture, and discipline. Undergoing these physical changes and finding a sport you love increases your self-confidence. As you become more active, you will connect with new people and enhance all aspects of your life.