5 Benefits of Pairing Pilates & Strength Training

Mar 14, 2017


Although the fitness world may think combining Pilates and strength training is unusual, the results show that this combination is rewarding for participants. The trainers at Big Blue Strength in Lexington, KY, help clients improve their overall health and achieve their fitness goals by encouraging them to include these two types of exercise in their routines.

Below, these experts explain the five ways you can benefit from doing both Pilates and a strength training program.

1. Core Strength

Comprised of the muscles in your abdomen, lower back, hips, and pelvis, your core influences nearly every movement you make. Pilates emphasizes this area in ways other workouts don't. As versatile as weightlifting machines can be, spending time on a Reformer is the most effective way to strengthen this major muscle group.

2. Stability

A strong core increases stability and balance. The more stable your movements are, the more repetitions you can perform during your strength training exercises. Furthermore, better stability promotes symmetry, which is essential for anyone enthusiastic about lifting weights.

3. Solid Foundation

Doing both Pilates and strength training works many different muscles, providing a more solid physical foundation than any one type of exercise can offer. Focusing on a different muscle group every day and alternating a rigorous strength training session with a flexibility-focused Pilates workout ensures every part of your body gets a workout.

4. Injury Prevention

Combining strength training with Pilates helps you open and stretch your muscles, promoting blood flow to areas that repetitive weightlifting movements tend to constrict. The different ranges of motion also strengthen those areas and protect the joints.

5. Balanced Body

Incorporating both types of exercise into your routine engages your entire body and activates a variety of muscles. With careful planning and practice, you will develop a figure that's as strong as it is lean.