3 Steps to Beginning a New Fitness Routine

Jun 22, 2017


Finding fun and challenging ways to work on your fitness and make new friends is an ongoing adventure for many adults. That’s why exercise enthusiasts in Lexington, KY, embrace group training at Big Blue Strength. As the only facility in the nation that offers both Crossfit® and Pilates, their clientele enjoys strenuous yet satisfying classes that produce amazing physical and mental results. Their coaches go above and beyond to set members up for success. Below, they share three steps that will help you begin your new guided fitness regimen.

Comprehensive Consultation

Many fitness facilities offer a free class to new customers. While this is a great way to get a workout, you might not learn a lot about the instructors and their programs after just one visit—and that makes it hard to decide whether a full membership is a good investment. Instead, choose a gym that offers prospective clients a comprehensive consultation. Before you start group training, one of Big Blue Strength’s coaches will evaluate your current fitness level and discuss any previous injuries as well as your goals. This information helps the coaches create a baseline, so they can track your progress.

One-on-One Training Session

The excitement and activity of a group setting can make it difficult to master new fitness techniques.Starting your routine with a one-on-one training session helps you learn the skills you need for success. During your personal training sessions, you have the time to ask questions that build your understanding of the fundamentals. 

Access to Experienced Coaches

If your new exercise regimen includes using heavy machinery and weights, proper instruction will keep you safe. Choose a fitness facility that employs experienced coaches who will monitor your form and technique, so you can avoid injury and learn how to make the most of your workout. 

It’s never too late to start getting into shape and meeting new people—and joining the area’s leading fitness studio gives you the opportunity to do both. To learn more about Big Blue Strength’s free consultations for first-time visitors, call (859) 537-8032. Visit their website for more information about their new client orientation, classes and group training schedule.