2022 Summer Camps and Courses

Calling ALL KIds... Get Strong this summer! 

Big Blue Strength is offering multiple opportunites for your kid to get stronger this summer! 


-Kids interested in learning quality movements and making fitness fun! 

-Kids looking to get strong, move better, or simply change their physique!

-Athletes looking to gain a competitive edge through strength & conditoning! 

Big Blue Strength's FUN-damentals Summer Program is for kids of all ages new to strength training. It teaches the fundamentals and principles of movement and applying it to strength training and conditioning.  These inclusive sessions offer a progressive introduction for newcomers in a stress-free way to give kids a step in their athletic abilities and set them up for quality movement patterns for life. It requires zero experience, but if your kids do have some, we promise they’ll learn to rebuild a better foundation.



What Can Your kids Expect To Learn?


-Breathing Principles to help brace while lifting and catch your breathe when running.


-Body awareness to learn where to hold their body for optimal performance during lifting

in: squatting, hinging, pushing, pulling, pressing... 

and in athletic movements such as: change of direction, acceleration, and other athletic positions.


-How and when to load a movement or pattern. 


-When a barbell can be used versus other equipment.


-Mobility and Stability exercises to keep them moving well and injury free.

Summer Strength & Conditioning Camp starts June 6, 2022! 

90 minute  sessions at 1PM and 2:30pm

Contact us today to get registered!


Youth Strength Fundamentals! 

T/Th @ 12pm

Starting June 7th

Very Limited Spots! 

Contact us today to reserve your spot! 

Barbell Fundamentals! 

M/W @3pm, T/Th @ 1pm

Starting June 6th

Very Limited Spots! 

Contact us today to reserve your spot! 

Strength Fun-damentals :)

Summer Strength & Conditioning Camp

Per Week
5 days per week
Open to all middle and high school student.
Camp times: 1-2:30pm, or 2:30-4pm
Strength training & conditioning, speed, agility, plyometrics, mobility, nutrition, and injury prevention!

Youth Weightlifting Fundamentals!

Per Month (8 sessions)
2 days per week
T/Th 12 or 3 pm
For youth ages 10 and up
Learn the basics of weightlifting and overall strength and conditioning.

Barbell Fundamentals

Per Month
2 days per week
M/W 3pm, T/Th 1pm
introduction to Olympic Weightlifting
All ages welcome!

Any Questions?

Interested in our Specialty Summer Sessions? Get in touch to learn more.